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Find below how Desi Prime can help you with your next real estate transaction. We owe our undivided detail-oriented attention, and loyalty to our clients, so they get the best deal possible in one of the biggest if not the biggest transaction of their life.  If you are a buyer this costs you nothing, and in some cases, you get paid - Refer to DOJ link on how this works when you buy.

Access Listings


With the advent of the internet and social media, it may appear that a buyer or seller may not need an agent for a real estate transaction. We  could find your dream home prior to this even being listed with the contacts, and rapport we built with fellow agents over the years



Market Data Analysis


Professional Real Estate agents are trained to help the client to arrive at a reasonable market price for a property based on various methods available to them. While the ultimate price offer lies with the client, we can recommend prices for you based on market data, trends, local factors, and analysis tools at our disposal in addition to the close watch we put on the market. 



You can't just be relying on open houses or appointments with listing agents for your property purchase decisions. This will make you not only lose on some essential time advantage of having your own agent but also you will loose on the years of experience your agent can bring to the table when you look at the property.



Stage to Sell


If you are selling, then an agent can really stage your property by providing valuable advice on how to prepare for a listing. Some homes just sell themselves, the way they have been prepped before showings start. We can work with our decorators to stage your property to sell. 




Negotiation is an art and science.  Based on a number of deals that we see happen for our clients, we know what to ask for, and how to ask to get the best deal possible for our clients. Even in tough market conditions if we have a strategy right we could close transactions with a great sense of satisfaction for our clients




Real estate is a business where our fiduciary responsibility lies with our clients, and yet this is a person-to-person business. With valuable partnerships that we built over the years, we could bring the buyers, and sellers to negotiations, and work on deals that are a win-win for both parties



Contracts & Process


When you are making one of the biggest purchases of your life you want to take the contracts, and paperwork seriously. Although a real estate attorney advises you on legal documents, we could assist you on further clarifications, and share with our expertise on the typical contracts in a real estate transaction 



Post Closing


We get a lot of buyers who are first-time homeowners. We have helped a number of clients to settle down in their dream home post-closing with needed much advice on basic homeowners' tasks which are simple yet overwhelming for a new homeowner.





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